Food Trucks at UIRP

Effective Monday, July 16, 2018, food trucks at Research Park will relocate to the parking lot at 1901 S. First St. This is at the intersection of Hazelwood Drive and First Street, and the trucks will be parked in the lot's southeast corner. Thank you for your support of our food truck program. We have had a tremendously successful summer and hope it will continue in this new, convenient location.

Please note that trucks are not under contract to be in Research Park, and schedule is subject to change without notice.

If you are a food truck vendor and would like space in the Research Park, please reach out to Cathy McArthur,


1901 S. First St. Parking Lot 


1901 S. First St. Parking Lot 


1901 S. FIrst St. Parking Lot 


1901 S. First St. Parking Lot 


1901 S. First St. Parking Lot