Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Amphitheatre & Concerts

The performance space and seating area for “OUTSIDE at the UI Research Park” are located just south of the Atkins Building at the corner of First Street and St. Mary’s Road in Champaign. The land has been re-graded and planted to create a shaded, grassy seating space that can accommodate up to 1,500 people. The space is great for dancing, kids playing, listening to music, and enjoying wine and local Champaign delicacies.

Fire Pit & The Fire-at-Five

You are invited to the monthly Research Park Fire-at-Five event, located at the patio at 2100 S. Oak Street. This is a monthly bonfire and happy hour with themes, activies, and food/beverage. The fire goes from 5-7:00 pm on the last Friday of the month from May to October.

Basketball Court

The basketball court located on Oak and Hazelwood is open to all tenants.