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Interview with SimBioSys Inc.'s CEO Featured on The News Gazette

Tushar Pandey, Chief Executive Officer at SimBioSys Inc., spoke with The News-Gazette on July 21, 2019, about what he does for the company and what the company is accomplishing.

2019 Intern Awards Finalists Announced

We are excited to announce the finalists for the 2019 Research Park Intern Awards. The winners will be named on Thursday, July 25, during our annual Summer Picnic and Intern Awards between 4-5:30PM and, consequently, will be listed here.

Missed the awards ceremony? Watch the video.

Best Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Startup


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Interview with Troy Kollman, Brunswick's i-Jet Lab Director

Revolution Medicines Photo

Revolution Medicines has secured $100 million in Series C financing that will be used to support the development of the company's pipeline of drugs that target the RAS pathway, according to BioSpace on July 9, 2019. The company has been developing RMC-4630, a potent, orally bioavailable small molecule that selectively inhibits the activity of SHP2.


The University of Illinois Research Park’s AGCO Acceleration Center shares the benefits of exploring augmented reality (AR) technology and data visualization in their recent article on June 25, 2019.


Airscout is in attempt to provide farmers alerts on their field's conditions by monitoring crop health from the sky. The company's Chief Operating Officer, Bob Coverdill, sat down with ciLiving Storyteller, Erin Valle on WCIA network to talk about the imagery and thermal maps captured by Airscout pilots. 

Coverdill states that to account for the farmers' diminished ability to walk through their own big fields, Airscout's aerial imagery enables farmers to take a virtual walk. 


Crunchbase published a list of the 50 Hot Tech Companies Globally in 2019, featuring Reconstruct, a Research Park startup. The companies were filtered based on Crunchbase data. Each of the companies listed, has raised between $10 and $30 million in the last six months and has not exited via IPO or acquisition. 


Jacob Meyer, University of Illinois alumnus and co-founder of ATSP Innovations, announced on June 18 that ATSP Innovations was selected for a Phase I SBIR by NASA. Their proposal “Extreme Environment Tribological Characterization of Advanced Bearing Materials” aims to advance the materials available in the field for high-performance, space exploration devices.


Mike Carlin, AbbVie’s global head of IT, explains that space matters for creativity in his June 6 LinkedIn article. At AbbVie’s locations, from Chicago to Tokyo, environments that support inventive thinking are inspired by technologists and open collaboration.

One of the highlighted areas is the AbbVie Innovation Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It employs 95 students and has welcomed over 300 visitors. Carlin highlights the space as a “home” for student workers during hackathons. Students make an impact within Research Park.