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TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

Photonicare biomedical engineer Heather Howard is a Harvard graduate who joined the medical device company after her husband took a position as a University of Illinois faculty member.

"The Research Park (where PhotoniCare is located) was a big factor in our decision to come here," Howard told the News-Gazette's Paul Wood. "I enjoy working surrounded by so much innovation and I love not dealing with Boston traffic every day!"

TENANT: PhotoniCare

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TENANT: PhotoniCare

Ryan Nolan, co-founder of PhotoniCare, was featured in The News-Gazette for his work building medical tools, specifically, the ClearView device.  Since 2013, Nolan wanted to develop better imaging devices to improve patient care.  Having small children prone to ear infections has also strengthened Nolan's passion. 

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

PhotoniCare, Inc. was chosen as one of ten companies to participate in the Young Enterprise Initiative (YEi) Start in France program.

TENANT: PhotoniCare

PhotoniCare, Inc. was invited to attend the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit on October 26-27 in Le Centquatre, Paris, France. Hello Tomorrow is a global organization which gathers together a community of the world’s brightest talents to propel collaborations between entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, to bring breakthrough technology to market. More than 3,000 science influencers and international leaders will come together at the Global Summit to explore the latest deep-tech trends and facilitate qualitative connections.

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- PhotoniCare, an EnterpriseWorks startups that aims to revolutionize healthcare by providing physicians with better diagnostic tools, has been accepted into the Dreamit Accelerator program. This program is for edtech and digital health startups with a product ready to deploy and some early traction. Out of hundreds of applicants, PhotoniCare was one of 17 accepted.

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks

CHAMPAIGN -- PhotoniCare, an EnterpriseWorks tenant, was featured as a medical device company that needs to be known after winning the 2016 Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology CRAASH prize for Excellence in Innovation. 

PhotoniCare is the creator of the the ClearView imaging tool that uses an advanced light-based technology to see through the eardrum, thus allowing physicians to accurately diagnose ear infections.

Other medical device companies mentioned in the article to keep an eye out for include NERv, Redox, Blumio, and DreamUp Vision.

TENANT: PhotoniCare | CATEGORY: Enterpriseworks
Medtech Startup Showdown

Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI) 2016 Medtech Startup Showdown field of 16 includes two startups in residence at EnterpriseWorks: PhonotiCare and BioAnalytics. The contest pits young medical device companies against each other tournament-style and asks readers to choose which ones move on to the next round.It's best to vote via a computer, as the site doesn't work as well via smartphone. 

TENANT: PhotoniCare

EnterpriseWorks tenant PhotoniCare made national news yesterday by way of MedCity News, the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare. The company delivered their first commercial prototype to Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.

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