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Chicago is attempting to reclaim itself as a "smart city" but to do that, they must first map the vast underground network of pipes, that has been poorly documented in the past. Do to how poorly documented these pipe systems are, construction crews never know when they are going to hit a pipe that they had no knowledge of being there. 


August 13, 2017: Derek Hoiem is the most recent EnterpriseWorks affiliate to be featured on the News-Gazette's Wired In section, which features a different high-tech difference maker in the Champaign-Urbana community every week. 

Derek Hoiem, University of Illinois computer-science professor, is the co-founder and CTO of Reconstruct, Inc. Reconstruct's mission is to improve efficiency and reduce risk in constructin using new computer techniques. 


Reconstruct CEO Mani Golpavar Fard was featured on the Engineering at Illinois podcast to discuss how their technology is revolutionizing construction monitorizing. Reconstruct is currently located at EnterpriseWorks and was a 2017 Entrepreneurial Excellence: New Venture Award Finalist at the Innovation Celebration.