Human Resources and Hiring Students

Hiring Students in the Research Park

Develop the student internship function

Internship programs vary by company, but the majority of organizations have interns year-round and hire students from academic disciplines that align with current project needs.  Internship function planning should address the administrative and operational components of student employment.

There are generally three options for hiring students in the Research Park, and these have varying costs and administrative requirements associated with them.  Additional consideration should be given when hiring international students.

  • Direct hire at an hourly rate: The hiring company is responsible for all human resources services and the student is on the company’s payroll. This is the common form of hiring in the Research Park. Average student hourly wages in the Research Park vary by discipline and academic levels.

  • Indirect hire at an hourly rate through Research Park Internship Program: Under this program, the intern is a student that is regarded as an employee of the University and performs work or services for the company as an independent contractor without any employment relationship between the company and the student.  The University of Illinois is responsible for all human resources services and the student is on the University’s payroll.  The company pays an hourly wage to the student plus an overhead charge on all student wages to the University for administrative services.  The company retains ownership of the work product. Contact Megan Puzey in the UI Office of Corporate Relations at

  • Indirect hire through a graduate assistantship: the Research Park Internship Program also helps facilitate graduate assistantships for graduate student interns.  Graduate assistants work a specified number of hours per week (ranging from 25-67% appointments) in return for a monthly stipend, tuition waiver and fringe benefits.  For instance, a 50% appointment (20 hours per week) costs approximately $60,000 per year.  The company pays these costs and the student is on the University’s payroll.  The company retains ownership of the work product. Contact Megan Puzey in the UI Office of Corporate Relations at

International students can be hired to work in the Research Park under the following scenarios:

  • Hire a student through the Research Park Internship Program as an hourly employee or graduate assistant

  • Sponsor an F-1 student for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) during their studies or Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon graduation

  • Sponsor a J-1 Exchange Visitor for Academic Training

For more information on hiring International Students, we have the following resources:

  • Work authorization for F-1 and J-1 students presentation

  • Summary of Immigration and employment options

What do students make in Research Park?

 Wage survey of Research Park employers for student interns


Recruiting Students

The Research Park Workforce Development Coordinator is on staff for consultations and to assist with student recruitment for internships, part-time and full-time positions.  

The University of Illinois campus-wide recruiting platform is I-Link, a free tool available to Research Park employers. I-Link is a free online tool at the University of Illinois that allows employers to create custom student resume books for their job needs. With I-Link, go to Resumes, click on Advanced Search, and add text filter search for skills in needs, past employers, or other search criteria. Download a resume or book or generate email messages to all students meeting your search results.

The University of Illinois Linked In filter can also be used by clicking on the "universities" filter next to the search bar and entering "Illinois" to get to 270,207 University of Illinois Alumni only. Filter by city, such as 29,100 alumni in Champaign-Urbana. Then search on expertise, such as "machine learning" to find 999 people locally with that skill.  

Each Career Services office on campus offers access and help with recruiting students from different discplines. The Research Park also has a job board available for postings internships and full time positions. The Research Park hosts a career fair for students every spring (this year March 2017) and hosts a student open house for companies to provide tours in the fall.


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