Summer Intern Professional Development Workshop Series

The annual Research Park & EnterpriseWorks' Summer Intern Professional Development Workshop Series are held weekly in the EnterpriseWorks Atrium from 12-1PM. Each workshop focuses on a unique aspect of the professional world, giving useful advice on everything from networking to negotiation. All Research Park interns are encouraged to attend and enjoy free lunch at the workshops. Please bring your iCard. We will start serving lunch at 12PM and will stop promptly at 12:15PM to start the program. Lunch is first come, first served.


June 4: Financial Wellness

Topics that will be discussed include how to budget, save an emergency fund, pay down debt, set financial goals, and improve your credit report and score.

Presented by the U of I Community Credit Union


June 11: Leverage Your Strengths

How can you best leverage your strengths both personally and professionally? Patricia Simpson, Director of Chemical Sciences Career Services, will discuss how your strengths influence the way you interact with people and how strengths impact your skillset.

Visit to access the optional form for this workshop. It must be filled out before noon on June 6, 2019. It will be helpful to fill out this form in order to gain access to the Clifton StrengthsQuest assessment that, once completed, will explain in detail what your strengths are prior to the workshop.

Presented by Chemical Sciences Career Services at the University of Illinois


June 18: Emotional Intelligence

You've likely heard of "emotional intelligence," but what is it exactly? How does it impact workplace achievement? Join us at this intern workshop and learn about how emotional intelligence helps you understand yourself and others better. Kristina Wright, the Associate Director at Engineering Career Services, will discuss how emotional intelligence can be used everyday in the workplace.

Presented by Grainger Engineering Career Services at the University of Illinois


June 25: Navigating Negativity

Gina Johnson, an alumna of University of Illinois and author of Let's Make It a Habit: Train Your Brain to Navigate Negativity, gives audiences the power to choose how to react to negativity and how to leverage it. She has made it her life's passion to help people manage their responses to negative life situations, negative people, and negative things. Her goal is to make negativity a tool for professionals so they can be more effective at work and in personal life. Come learn practical tools to handle negativity in life. This presentation will focus on healthy coping skills, how to prioritize self-care, how to avoid secondhand stress, and much more. 

Presented by Blueprint


July 9: Translating Skills

What are your skills? How do you discuss them aloud and on paper? In this interactive workshop, Derek Attig, Director of Career Development at the Graduate College, will talk about how to identify your marketable skills and how to articulate their value in a variety of contexts, including interviews and resumes.

Presented by the Graduate College at the University of Illinois


July 16: Negotiation Strategies

Dr. Jim Dahl, Teaching Professor of Business Administration from the Gies College of Business, will discuss useful negotiation tactics and methods. He will provide an in-depth look into tactics and methods for your next negotiation, whether it be at work or in your personal life.

Presented by the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois


July 23: Improv for Interviews

Are you intimidated by the idea of interviews? In this workshop with Stacy Walker from Grainger College of Engineering, we’ll open up the toolbox and uncover ways to make interviewing easy, interesting, and fun.  You’ll learn how to approach interviews with a plan and a strategy, even for unexpected questions.

Presented by the Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois


July 30: From Summer to LinkedIn

Not sure how to use LinkedIn? Want to figure out how to represent your Research Park experiences on LinkedIn? Lauren Stites, Associate Director in Grainger Engineering Career Services, will assist you with setting up and filling in your LinkedIn so it is effective for future employment and so it best represents you.

Presented by Grainger Engineering Career Services at the University of Illinois